The Project

Urban Forestry 2020 is a study funded by the US Forest Service through the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council to assess perceptions of the urban forestry profession and make recommendations for future development. Urban forestry is maturing as both a profession and an academic discipline, yet the public and those in allied professions have differing impressions of what urban forestry is, what an urban forester knows, and the implications of various types of education, certifications, and credentials. This project aims to develop strategies based on solid research for moving the profession forward through developing a consensus-building framework among regional organizations and stakeholders as well as a rigorous research to determine current perceptions of the profession and what influences those perceptions.

Steering Committee

A steering committee has been formed that includes representatives from urban forestry organizations and allied professions and constituencies nationally. The steering committee includes members from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and provides representation for diverse urban forestry stakeholders. The committee will both facilitate and guide the research, networking, and implementation components of Urban Forestry 2020.