Survey 1: Employer's Survey

Summary: Paper survey of employers of urban foresters in the 200 largest US cities. Includes hiring outlook as well as analysis of education and skills desired and the ability of hires to meet these expectations.

Infographic: What are US Employers Looking for in an Entry Level Urban Forester?

Survey 2: Undergraduate Student Survey

Summary: Survey of more than 1,000 undergraduates at 18 US universities and their awareness of and perceptions of urban forestry as a professional career. Students were also surveyed about the factors that influence their career decisions.

Survey 3: Urban Forestry Jobs Analysis

Summary: Collection and analysis of urban forester job postings throughout the USA over 18 months and follow-up telephone interviews. Includes analysis of qualifications, duties, distribution, salaries, and career level.

Infographic: Job Opportunities for Urban Foresters in the United States

Survey 4: Allied Professionals

Summary: Survey of allied professionals (engineers, landscape architects, urban planners) and their perceptions of professional support systems and of urban foresters.

Survey 5: Urban Forester Career Paths and Networking

Summary: Online survey of practicing urban foresters nationwide evaluating their educational and career paths, their professional identity, their prospects for promotion, and how their professional networks and support systems are configured.

Infographic: Who Manages Urban Trees and Greenspaces for Local Governments