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Soil Profile Rebuilding Specification

Specifications for Soil Profile Rebuilding are available in two forms. The Full Specification is suitable for projects where enforcement and documentation of the specification are essential, typically in bidding environments where the lowest bid must be accepted. The Brief Specification is a truncated version designed simply to communicate the intent and process.

Copyright and Permissions

Creative Commons License
Soil Profile Rebuilding Specification by Susan Day et al. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License.

Both specifications are licensed under a Creative Commons license to allow the user full use of the specification in your business. However the specification itself may NOT be sold or distributed for commercial purposes. You may use the specification as is, or adapt it for your use. The term "Soil Profile Rebuilding" may only be applied if the specification is used as is. Research documentation only applies to the specification as written and references to Soil Profile Rebuilding or the documented outcomes cannot be used unless it refers to the specification as written. If you have suggestions for improving the specification, or alternate forms for different regions, we welcome your thoughts. It is our aim to facilitate the use of this specification as much as possible while preserving the integrity of the term "Soil Profile Rebuilding." Please contact us.

Many people were involved in the creation of this specification and the evolution of the research documenting its effectiveness. These include: Susan Day, Rachel Layman, Yujuan Chen, Kaj Rolf, Roger Harris, W. Lee Daniels, P. Eric Wiseman, Kevin McGuire, Brian Strahm, Abbey Wick, and Bill Mauzy.