Project Participants

This project is a collaborative effort between Virginia Tech, Cornell University, and University of California at Davis.

Virginia Tech, Research Focus: Tree Growth and Root Development

Cornell University, Research Focus: Surface Treatments and Pervious Pavement

    Nina Bassuk, Ph.D. Professor and Program Leader of the Urban Horticulture Institute

    Ted Haffner, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University; Associate Landscape Architect, Terry Guen Design Associates, Chicago, IL

    Peter Trowbridge, MLA Professor and Chair, Landscape Architecture

    Andy Hillman, City Forester, The City of Ithaca, NY

University of California at Davis, Research Focus: Water Quality


We would especially like to thank Tess Wynn on the faculty of the Biological Systems Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. In addition, we appreciate the work of John O. James, Jason Grabosky, Stephanie Worthington, Mona Dollins, Liz Crawley, Velva Groover, Félix Rubén Arguedas, and many others in bringing this project to completion.